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Three Ways To Recycle Your Plastic.

Here is a great article written by the ever inspiring Mrs Green, of 'My Zero Waste.' Do look at her site for many more ideas, tips and inspirations to reduce our waste.

What is polythene used for?

Soft (low density) polythene is a type of plastic used to wrap toilet rolls, kitchen towel, magazines, bread and fruit and vegetables in the supermarket. You use it to wrap your sandwiches and rings made from low density polythene hold your four pack of beer together.

How do I know if I have low density polythene?
You'll rarely find a code or description on soft plastic packaging to know what it is. But if there is a code, you're looking for a 2 or 4. If you have no code, the way to test whether or not you have polythene is to stretch it.
If it’s soft and stretchy without splitting or snapping, then you've got yourself a whole heaping pile of glorious polythene to send to the lovely people at  in Norwich for recycling.

What type of polythene can I send for recycling?
The lady I spoke to at Polyprint told me that it doesn't matter if the polythene is plain or printed but it must NOT have degradable or biodegradable written on it. The biodegradable polythene contaminates the new batch and starts to break it down. In addition, Polyprint will not recycle plastic bottles (high density) they only recycle the soft plastic polythene used for wrapping and packaging.
For details of your nearest recycling facility for plastic bottles, check the Recycle Now site.

Can anyone send their plastic polythene for recycling?
I learned that Polyprint have been in business for over 10 years and people from all over the UK, including Jersey, send their polythene to them for recycling. Whether you have a business or are a regular householder, you can mail your clean polythene packaging to them. Cut out any sticky labels with your address or similar on before sending to them, as this clogs up their machines.

In addition she asked that people include their contact details with each batch of polythene you send to them. Sometimes people send them materials that are not suitable and they have no way of contacting the sender to inform them. If they know who you are, they can tell you what you have done wrong and why, so that you don't do it again!

There is another company who will recycle polythene called GHS. I send them my yogurt pots as they also reprocess code number 5 - PP :

And do remember that many large supermarkets who recycle carrier bags, will also take polythene - it's worth checking your local facilities.

Posted with the very kind permission of Mrs Green, from My Zero Waste:

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