Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A World of Plastic!

I felt that I had to set up this blog. For a while now, I've watched in dismay at the relentless rise of plastic use in every conceivable way; it is used by the food industry to cover every type of sold foodstuff, it's prevalent in many of the gadgets we use in our homes and gardens, we drive cars manufactured from it, and on and on. I've greatly admired the successful campaign by Rebecca Hoskins to make her home town of Modbury, in Dorset, Britain's first plastic bag free town. And have watched and read many reports of the result where plastic gets into the environment. I've seen the massive floating dumps of plastic in every ocean in the world and watched in horror, film of birds guts being cut open to reveal insides full of all sorts of plastic junk

I don't use plastic for shopping ever now, I try to leave most of the plastic goods are packed in, at the counter of the shop, I've bought it from and I try to limit our use of it in objects we have about the home. I know too, that at the present moment in time, with very little alternatives available, we will still need to use this awful, synthetic material for some time to come too.

But, if only all of us could go that little extra yard or too, in limiting our addition to it, then little by little, will begin to seek out alternatives to the stuff.

To start off this campaign. Please try to watch this short, 5 minute clip, of the effects our use of the stuff is having on our environment.
Please send all of you thoughts, ideas, links and articles and together we may just become a PLASTIC FREE WORLD.

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