Saturday, 14 August 2010

Every Little helps!

I've just ordered a wooden toothbrush and tooth paste soap from the lovely site, Cebra. I heard about these toothbrushes on My Zero Waste, one of the better sites around for helping us all to learn how we can live a life producing little waste for landfill.

And this really is the point, of choosing to make a stand for the good of the planet, it is the little things we do, the tiny choices we make that, in the long run will clean up the mess we've all contributed to, for so long.

There must never be any sense of cohersion, or of lecturing others, for what we may perceive as their wrong actions. We are all one together on this planet, we're 'all in it together,' Thus, developing a sense of compassion and understanding, is important too, as we progress on our chosen paths. We all have to deal with personal problems and worries in our daily life's. And we're all doing what we can, given our individual circumstances, energies and resources.


  1. Hi John - please sned me a biog of you and your plastic boycott for my plastic free Who's Who - check out this link for details

    Whie you are there look at the plastic free products for loads of waste free alterntives including biodegrdable cotton buds

  2. sorry about the appalling spelling - working on a tiny keyboard and minute screen.