Sunday, 29 August 2010

Two of a kind!

Apart from the excellent Fake Plastic Fish site, there are couple of other organisations across the ocean, who are trying their utmost to stem the plastic tide, Both 5 Gyres and the Plastic Pollution Coalition, are dedicated to taking whatever action is needed in a peaceful manner to bring the problems of plastic to the attention of the public.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

“The mission of Plastic Pollution Coalition is to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, the environment, and wildlife worldwide.

Plastic Pollution Coalition provides a platform for strategic planning and coherent communications; increases awareness and understanding of the problem and sustainable solutions; and empowers action to eliminate the negative impacts of plastics on the environment, wildlife, marine life, and human health.

Our Goals
Build Awareness
To bring the issue of plastic pollution to the forefront of the social, scientific, economic, and political debate worldwide.

Build a Global Community
To provide a platform for individuals and institutions to share resources and coordinate efforts, explore synergies and strategise together to reduce plastic pollution, with an emphasis on single-use disposables.

Empower Action
To empower citizens to shift our societies away from the disposable habits that poison our oceans and land, eliminate our consumption of throwaway plastics, and begin embracing a culture of sustainability

Support Legislation
To demand that businesses and governments take responsibility for new ways to design, recover and dispose of plastics.

To educate citizens about the threats posed by plastic to their own health and the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Support Scientific Advancement
To promote the study of plastic pollution and possible solutions.”

5 Gyres

5 Gyres are another organisation that are committed to doing what they can to turn back the tide of plastic, by organising public events and meetings. At present some of the team are sailing into the South Atlantic Gyre, from Rio to Ascension Island and back. This will be the first of 3 expeditions through the South Atlantic Gyre, studying plastic pollution, the 4th in their global 5 Gyres study.

"Take a look around you- most of what we eat, drink, or use in any way comes packaged in petroleum plastic- a material designed to last forever, yet used for products that we then throw away. This throwaway mentality is a relatively recent phenomenon. Just a generation ago, we packaged our products in reusable or recyclable materials – glass, metals, and paper, and designed products that would last. Today, our landfills and beaches are awash in plastic packaging, and expendable products that have no value at the end of their short lifecycle.”

Look at both of these web sites, become followers and give them your support please

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