Friday, 3 September 2010

Global depository for images of beached marine plastic objects

Britain's coastline is one of the more inspiring aspects of our environment, yet due to the large amounts of plastic washed ashore daily, this coastline is becoming increasingly polluted.

Steve McPherson is an artist who has created an online participatory art project, in an attempt to raise awareness of the problem. His site Marine Plastic, is inviting beachcombers to help document those places where plastic waste is spoiling the shoreline  

Steve says that he wants the project to be a place where anyone can add images of plastic objects found by mainly other foragers and beach combers from around the world. "I intend it to be a space to hold not just the images of the lost and found objects, but also to record the names of those who find them, and the date and location of the find."

"With no definitive end, and as long as participants still keep submitting images, the bank of objects will grow, as will I hope an awareness of the enormity of the plastic pollution of our worldwide oceans.

"My long term aim will be to use the images deposited on this website in a real world exhibition and publication, where all contributions would be credited and recognised."

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