Sunday, 12 September 2010

This blog is in hibernation!

I've decided to put a hold on this blog, for now at least. I feel I've gone as far as I personally can with this. There are far more eloquent blogs around that are  dealing with the issues and challenging our ideas about waste and plastics. I highly recommend that anyone interested in facing up to the problems that plastic is causing to our environment, look at a few of the great blogs I have listed on my blog list.

I am still blogging over at my other blog, Beyond Materialism. Hope you will pop in sometime

Warmest wishes



  1. Plastic can be quite a depressing subject, John, depending how you look at it. Sometimes it is better not to dwell on certain things too much.

    Don't feel that what you have posted here is of no value, Everyone has their own unique contribution to make. One or two of your posts have informed me or made me think and you have introduced me to blogs I didn't know about.

    As you may have gathered my sole focus is not on plastic, but it is part of what I want to address, so I have found your helpful.

  2. I think this is a great blog. It is so informative and you have covered all the problems that I have thought of and given me so much more information. Thank you.

  3. well as one of the blogs on your list - and thanks for that - I will greatly miss your input. Its great to have UK based plastic boycotters.

    If you face book you might be interested in Planet trash at

    Its a visual map of world plastic pollution - please add to or just like. there is also the plastic is rubbish photo pool

    Hope to see you back in the front line soon